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MBA Job Opportunities: Employment for MBA

MBA career paths can be very broad. We have consolidated some basic information in various areas that you should consider as an incoming MBA student. This is by no means an all inclusive list. We encourage you to do as much research on MBA career paths as possible. You should talk to as many MBA graduates as you can about their careers with the ultimate goal of determining where your interests and skills will take you with the MBA.

Some common places to start your research are the CareerLeader™ profiles, Vault MBA™ guides and Wetfeet MBA guides™. We have also provided similar information below. For more detailed information on several common career paths taken by recent graduating classes of Owen students, please see our Career Paths section.

Top 10 Job Search Tips for MBA

1. Never stop searching for an internship or a full-time job until you have an offer in writing! You don't want to start from scratch more than once.

2. Always have one or two back-up strategies and plans. Don’t pressure yourself into believing that there is only one “right” job for you. There are many jobs that will allow you to reach your ideal job; it may just take more than one career move to get there. The key is ensuring that you add new skill sets and responsibilities with each step.

3. Always have at least 15-20 new companies that you are actively researching. This insures that you always have a solid stream of companies in your pipeline at ALL times.

4. Always treat alumni or anyone you approach (including administrative assistants) with respect. They are your customer and have the power to be a strong advocate or harsh critic to others within the organization. Be prepared to sell them on the reason they should hire you and spend time with you.

5. Utilize both Vanderbilt and Owen alumni to assist you in your job search. (The Vanderbilt alumni database is called Dore2Dore.) When you ask for help, just be clear about what you are looking for and how they can help you.

6. Many resources will be at your disposal to assist you in the job search process, including the Walker Management Library. We will push a lot of data your direction, it will be your responsibility to use and act on it!

7. You will be pulled in many directions during your time at Owen – classes, group projects, job search, social activities, home life and school-wide events. It is important that you carve time out of your hectic schedule for the job search process. Otherwise, the end of the year will roll around, you won’t have a job, and you won’t know where the time went.

8. Cold calls are a necessary component of any successful job search. This is perhaps the least favorite part of the job search for many students, but the sooner you master the art of cold calling, the better.

9. Be prepared to clearly and concisely walk through your resume and tell the “stories” of your experience as it pertains to the person or company with whom you are talking. It matters less what’s important to you and more what’s important to a potential employer. Any gaps in your resume will need to be accounted for and explained.

10. Research and preparation are important! Companies and alumni notice if you have done your homework prior to interacting with them.

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