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What Is an MBA Degree: Master of Business Administration

What is an MBA degree? The MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. MBA is a professional degree - in that it is intended for those who work in business and management i.e., the intention of a program leading to an MBA is to prepare or further prepare individuals for responsible positions in business - usually managerial positions. MBA programs are run throughout the world, as they are seen to be relevant for the preparation of people for work in management irrespective of the industry, business sector, the nature of the economy, etc.

The letters MBA stand for Master of Business Administration. Individuals interested in business and management who attain the qualification will be recognized as holding the world's premier postgraduate qualification. These individuals will be referred to as MBAs .

Since the inception of the MBA program in the USA in the early 1900s - but especially since the more widespread adoption of MBA programs in other parts of the world - the MBA program has been in a state of continual innovation and change. Initially most programs were full time and of two years duration, but now there is a wide range of program structures and durations. The two year full time program or its equivalent is still common in the USA and certain other countries - e.g. Spain. The initial argument to support the belief that two years was an appropriate length related to the amount that needs to be covered in a general management - i.e. a wide based program. This view was never fully supported in some countries - where it was argued - that those entering programs had a higher level of education and had had more exposure to business topics in their first degrees. So - in the UK for example - whilst both the London and Manchester Business Schools which were set up in the late 1960s started with two year full time MBAs - all of the other Schools in the country at that time offered 1 year programs.

Because of its value to the business world, the MBA stands for degree holders who are sought out. Executive and managerial positions especially demand graduates with an MBA degree. Institutions in the US that grant MBA degrees are considered among the best in the world. Thousands of students from all over the world travel to the US every year especially to study for their MBA degree even though several MBA programs may be offered in their own countries. An American MBA stands for a more prestigious degree.

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