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Online MBA Degree: Distance Learning MBA

Previously the only way to attain an MBA was to enroll full- or part- time in an academic institution for a number of years. Online MBA programs are now available and high-level business career qualifications can now be attained without disrupting current jobs and schedules.

How is the Online MBA similar to the traditional MBA?

  • Your academic progress is given the personal attention you deserve, to ensure that you receive the maximum possible benefit from your education.
  • You are able to freely interact with your professors and fellow students.
  • Personal assistance from your professors is always available.
  • The same distinguished faculty teach all courses.
  • Application to the program can be handled on-line.
  • You will receive solid experience well-suited to business management with a strong emphasis on information technology.

How does the MBA Online program differ from our traditional MBA program?

  • Easy access -  you're only required to be on campus twice over the course of the program; at the beginning for orientation and the end of the spring semester of the 2nd year for team presentations and graduation. This frees you from the work-school conflicts that so many graduate students experience. If you've  been sent on a business trip, you can still access your coursework.   It also means no more commuting, night classes, classrooms, and restrictive meeting schedules. 
  • State-of-the-art internet delivery -  our online MBA is a completely online program which lets you access your course materials using WebCT, CD-ROMS, chat rooms, e-mail, and on-line forums. 
  • Sequencing -  the course sequence is pre-determined and the courses are taken in an order  that allows for applied learning. You will complete your MBA degree in exactly two years, without ever having to worry about course availability.
  • Security - you can complete your degree even if your career requires that you be transferred out of the state or out of the country.
  • Choice - you can take your foundation courses in one of two ways. You can complete your courses on-line  or as traditional MBA courses.

When considering distance learning MBA, be sure to check:

  • Be sure to verify that any business school or distance learning MBA program that you select is accredited with one of the major accreditation bodies. This can have a significant effect on the value of your MBA to prospective employers.
  • The academic reputation of the business school is still a very important factor when choosing a distance learning MBA program. Use resources such as Princeton Review's Best 282 Business Schools 2007 to help you select the best business school for you.
  • The distance learning MBA requires real focus together with a significant time commitment. This type of program requires strong self-discipline and may not be suitable for everybody. You need to evaluate and understand your own learning strengths and styles before undertaking a distance learning MBA program.
  • Distance learning can give you the opportunity to study for an MBA at a business school that may not otherwise be geographically possible.


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