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Other Master Degree Offered by Business School

Besides the MBA degree, many business schools also offer other master degree programs, such as MS, MA degree. These degrees are different from MBA degree in that they generally do not require working experience before enrollment. Also, they can accept GRE score.

The graduate program offers a similar exposure to those mid-career professionals with a firm grasp of business fundamentals, who wish to advance themselves in their current work, transition to a new challenge, or simply increase their knowledge in the area of business administration. It assumes the fundamentals of business and management skills are already familiar to the student, and builds upon that knowledge to add form to the structure. For instance, the opportunities for students to learn specialized management techniques is evident in courses such as Technical Managerial Accounting, Economics for Managers, Marketing Management, and New Enterprise Management. Critical thinking, decision making and problem solving are explored more deeply through the additional management courses also included in the graduate Business Administration's program: Principles of Total Quality Management, Computer Technology for Managers, Management Science and Financial Management.


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