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TOEFL Test for Graduate School Admissions

TOEFL is not the most crucial part of the application, but it is unavoidable part, which sometimes can be quite painful and time consuming. You must pass TOEFL is order to be considered for graduate studies. To pass means to receive the score of at least 237 (550 - old units) - which is quite bad, but acceptable at some universities. The score above 250 (600) will suffice for all universities if you are applying for technical specialty (and usually will suffice for all other specialties too). The maximum possible score is 300 (667). For more details on the test and scoring system visit official TOEFL website and particularly FAQ section.

To evaluate your current level you can take free test on-line (you need to register before you can do that), free paper test at the Moscow Library of Foreign Literature, or find a book. You can also view sample questions on-line (paper test: Section1, Section2, Section3 or CBT). Usually one can expect to improve his score by 50-100 "old units" after 3-5 month of everyday work of 2-4 hours a day. The higher your initial score is the longer it will take to improve it by the same number of points. It is highly advisable to start preparing for TOEFL as long beforehand as possible, if you can start preparing half a year before the test it is good if a year before - even better. Remember that you are striving for at least 250 (600) (as long as it is above that number it is not so much important what your exact score is).

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