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A legal education is both challenging and rewarding. You will develop your analytical, synthesizing, creative, and logical thinking skills, and you will strengthen your reading and debating abilities. A legal education is necessary to become a lawyer in the United States, but it is also excellent preparation for many other careers, both because of the framework for organizing knowledge it provides and the analytical approach it brings to problems. Many teachers, business people, and writers first obtained a legal education before pursuing careers other than law.

Law school can help you obtain the following skills and abilities:

  • Core Skills and Values
  • Analytic/Problem-solving Skills
  • Critical Reading Abilities
  • Writing Skills
  • Oral Communication and Listening Abilities
  • General Research Skills
  • Task Organization and Management Skills
  • The Values of Serving Others and Promoting Justice
  • General Knowledge

law school admissions statisticsThe above skills, values, and knowledge may be acquired in a wide variety of ways. You may take undergraduate, graduate, or even high school courses that can assist you in acquiring much of this information. You may also gain much of this background through self-learning by reading, in the workplace, or through various other life experiences. Moreover, it is not essential that you come to law school having fully developed all of the skills, values, and knowledge suggested in this Statement. Some of that foundation can be acquired during the initial years of law school. However, if you begin law school having already acquired many of the skills, values, and knowledge listed in this Statement, you will have a significant advantage and will be well prepared to benefit fully from a challenging legal education.

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