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Dental School Application and Requirements

Opportunities exist for those entering the field of dentistry today. As the public's awareness of the importance of dental care increases, so does the need for both qualified general practitioners and dental specialists. Those engaged in general practice constitute more than 80% of the active dental population. They are concerned with the prevention of dental disease, its diagnosis and treatment. Among the fields of specialization in dentistry are: endodontics, dealing with straightening of misaligned teeth; periodontics, treatment of diseased gums and oral tissues; prosthodontics, dealing with the replacement of missing teeth; pedodontics, limiting practice to the treatment of children; oral surgery; oral pathology; and dental public health.

Dental School Admissions

Furthermore, dental careers can also be fulfilling working in education and research. Too often, dentistry is viewed as a second choice alternative to medicine. It should not be viewed this way, but instead as highly specialized branch of medicine. Attainment of a degree in dentistry (D.D.S. or D.M.D.) is the result of the proper combination of intelligence, personality, manual dexterity, hard work, and sincere determination.

Planning a dental education is a time consuming process and, therefore, should be started at least two years in advance of the anticipated date of entrance into dental school. There are decisions to be made as to what schools to apply to, tests to be taken, applications to be completed, and financing to be planned. Considering all this must be done while maintaining high pre-dental academic standards, time becomes precious and organization becomes a necessity.

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