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Scholarship Application Tips

Scholarship application tips
  1. Start early. To be considered for as many scholarships as possible, begin your search a year in advance. Many programs have January or February deadlines for the upcoming academic year, although deadlines may vary. Your time is well spent: awards range from $500 up to $5,000, or more.

  2. Look close to home. In addition to searching for scholarships at the University and nationally, be sure to ask about scholarships from your or your parent's employers, faith organization, civic and community groups, high school, and other sponsors.

  3. Identify and apply for scholarships that match your interests, goals, background, and abilities. Submitting a few well-chosen applications is a better use of your time than applying carelessly for many scholarships that might (or might not) be a good fit.

  4. Read application requirements carefully. Many scholarship applications are incomplete. If essential information is missing about a scholarship's selection criteria or application process, contact the college, department, or organization offering the scholarship for more information.

  5. Take the time necessary to present yourself well by preparing a meticulous and thoughtful application. Pay attention to the exact wording of the scholarship application. Make sure you specifically address the questions asked in a personal statement or essay. Be sure to include all the required documentation, including letters of recommendation.

  6. Don't over emphasize financial need. If asked, describe your financial situation accurately. Try to express a poor financial situation in terms of an obstacle you have overcome.

  7. Don't be fooled into thinking that an on-line application is a quick, fill-in-the-blank exercise. Online applications require the same careful preparation as paper applications.

  8. Make your application legible. If you are submitting a paper application, use an easy-to-read font size, such as 12 point. Do not submit hand-written materials.

  9. Submit an accurate, complete application. Be sure to proofread and sign it, if required. Make sure that you include all the required materials and save copies for your reference before you seal the envelope or click the send button.

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