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The GRE General Test is very similar in format to the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) which you took in high school, except that in addition to the verbal and quantitative sections, there is also an analytical section. Just like the SAT, each section can vary from 200 (the lowest possible score) to 800 (the highest possible score). Therefore, the overall score on the GRE General Test (which has three sections) can range from 600-2400. NOTE: Now, the analytic portion of the GRE General Test is no longer included and the total scores ranges from 400 to1600.

In addition to the GRE General Test, some programs also require that you submit a score on the GRE Subject Test. Obviously if you are applying to programs in psychology, you will be taking the GRE Subject Test in Psychology. If you intend to apply to programs outside of psychology, realize that there are 15 other subjects tests for various types of graduate programs. If you have heard that there is a new computerized version of the GRE, you are right. Currently, Educational Testing Services, (ETS) offers the GRE General Test in paper and pencil format as well as computerized format. (Selected computerized Subject Tests are on their way.) The major advantage of the computerized version is timing. You can schedule to take the computerized version and have it sent to a graduate program within a couple of weeks. The pencil and paper version, on the other hand, only occurs on certain test dates throughout the year and it takes longer to have your scores sent out. The major disadvantage of the computer version is that it costs almost twice as much.

GRE ScoresAs of 1994-95, the pencil and paper version of the GRE will be administered in October, December, April and June. For each of these dates, you can take both the GRE General and Subject Tests, except for the June date (only the General Test is administered in June.) You can also take the General Test and the Subject Test separately on two different dates.

Whatever you do, don't wait until the last minute to get more information about the test. Contact the address below a couple of months before you intend to take the test and ask for more information on the different formats, the registration deadlines and the test dates. The brochures and booklets they send you are free and very informative. You do not have to register to receive the information.

GRE Overview

GRE CAT TestHere, you can learn about what is GRE, GRE percentile scores, how to register GRE, when to take GRE, and more information.

GRE Study Guides

This site covers GRE test taking strategies, including GRE Math, GRE Verbal, and GRE Analytical Writing. In each section, you will find sample questions, how to answer and answers with explanations.

GRE Preparation

GRE Preparation MaterialsWe offer a full sample verbal test - 6 sentence completion questions, 8 reading comprehension questions, 7 analogy questions, and 9 antonym questions: GRE Practice Tests.  Also check out our sample essay for GRE AWA Issue Questions, and GRE AWA Argument Questions.

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