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Average LSAT Scores

The LSAT score ranges from 120 to 180 with an average of 153. The average LSAT scores for the top 10 law schools is 171. Below is the table of average LSAT scores for each of the top ten law schools. Actually, most schools use percentiles score. For example, the average score of the entering class of Harvard Law School 2006-2007 is 175 / 169 (75th / 25th percentiles). For Columbia Law Schools, the average LSAT score is 169/174 with median LSAT of 172 (99%) and mean score of 171(98%).

The average score is for statistics only. It does not mean that you will necessarily be accepted if your score is higher than the averaged. By the contrast, you will still have the possibility of admissions even you obtained a lower score.
Ranking (U.S. News) Law School Average Law School
1 Harvard Law School 172
2 Stanford Law School 170
3 Yale Law School 173
4 Columbia Law School 172
5 NYU School of Law 170
6 University of Chicago Law School 170
7 Boalt Hall School of Law 166
8 Cornell Law School 167
9 Georgetown University Law Center 168
10 Northwestern University School of Law 169

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