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MCAT Scores: MCAT Test Results

MCAT Score Range

Each MCAT section receives its own score. Verbal reasoning, physical sciences, and biological sciences are each scored on a scale ranging from 1-15, with 15 as the highest. The writing sample essays are scored alphabetically on a scale ranging from J to T, with T as the highest. Your raw score, the number answered correctly, convert to yield a scaled score. These scaled scores appear on the report to medical schools as your MCAT scores.

MCAT Test Results

Depending on their degree of selectivity, medical schools consider a score of 10 or above on each section as superior. For each MCAT administration the average scaled scores are approximately 8s for verbal reasoning, physical sciences, and biological sciences, and an N for the writing sample. Many consider competitive scores around 10 to 11, and for the top schools strive for 12s and higher.

Finally, you have a score choice option on the day of the exam. This allows you to see your MCAT scores before releasing them to medical schools. While an appealing option, schools know when you take the MCAT, even if they do not know your scores. Consequently, some medical schools will hold this against you.

Good Total MCAT Score: Are My MCAT Scores Good Enough?

Just try to get all your MCAT scores as high as possible. Many schools look for consistency in MCAT scores. If your three numerical scores are above 10, and your essay score in above N, your chances of an interview are quite good. However, even if you get 14's in two science sections, but you get only 6 on your Verbal Reasoning, you may get a big trouble.

What is a competitive score on the MCAT?

Last year the national MCAT average for all 34,862 applicants was 8.1.  The average for the 16,365 applicants who matriculated was a 9.9.  Students accepted to the OU College of Medicine had an average of 9.43.  OU only considers the LAST test scores. Acceptance to medical school is based on GPA, MCAT scores, Letters of Evaluation, and impressions gained at the personal interview.

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