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Register for MCAT and MCAT Dates

How do I register for the MCAT?

Starting in February, they will send you a registration packet that contains important information about MCAT fees and score reporting.

MCAT Program Office
2255 North Dubuque Road
P.O. Box 4056
Iowa City, IA 52243-4056
Phone (319) 337-1357
M-F, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Central Time

You can get more information and registration tips from the AAMC Web site at

MCAT Test Dates

Registration for 2007 computerized MCAT dates will typically begin four to five months prior to the actual test dates – with the exception of January 2007 test dates. Registration opening dates for the corresponding 2007 computerized MCAT test dates are as follows:

Registration Opening Dates 2007 Test Dates
November 15, 2006 January 27, 29
December 13, 2006 April 7, 12, 16, May 11, 16, 25, 31
February 14, 2007

June 15*, July 13*, 24

April 11, 2007

August 6, 9*, 14, 16, September 7, 8

MCAT Registration

The registration packet contains a code book which you must use to fill out the candidate information folder and a registration ticket which requires a recent photograph.  You must be sure that your completed registration packet is postmarked before the test registration deadline.  There is a late registration deadline for those who may procrastinate or for some reason miss the deadline. Note that this is not a postmark deadline. Your completed application must be received by American College Testing Program by 4:30 Central Standard Time on that date and must be accompanied by an additional $30 fee. In any case there is no walk-in registration, and you must have your registration ticket (with photo) in order to take the exam.

You will be given a choice of testing centers - both domestic and international. The Colorado centers include Adams State College, Alamosa; University of Colorado, Boulder and Denver campuses; U.S. Air Force Academy and the Colorado College, both in Colorado Springs; Fort Lewis College, Durango; Colorado State University, Fort Collins; and Mesa State College, Grand Junction. The test is normally given on Saturday although there are Sunday test dates at limited testing centers (i.e. Denver) should you have a Saturday conflict or should religious reasons prohibit your taking the test on a Saturday. There are additional fees for Sunday and nondomestic test centers. Consult the instruction booklet for this information. The basic fee for the test is $155 for 1995. Check the instruction booklet for fee charges.

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