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To whom it may concern,

As the Director of the Department of Computer Sciences of Wuhan University of Technology, which is one of the most prestigious engineering universities in China, I deem it a pleasure to recommend Mr. Nathan Wang, one of the outstanding students in our department for admission and assistantship you're your graduate program

Since his enrollment into our department with remarkable entrance scores, Wang has embodied the fine character of strong inquisition and industriousness in learning, which has gained him significant academic success during his college years. I am aware of his distinctive academic performance as reflected in his transcripts. He maintains a very high GPA that places him in the top 5% out of 150 through the past 3 years, winning scholarships of the department almost every year. In the College English Speech Contest organized by the Teaching Committee of Hubei Province, he excelled most of other contestants, winning the first prize in the Region-wide preliminary contest, and the third prize in the final of the provincial level, being the sole participant representing our university.

I have also discovered him to be perseverant and enthusiastic in studies and extracurricular activities. During the Military Life Experiencing period, a compulsory training program for all Chinese college freshmen upon their immediate entrance, he was granted the title of Excellent Trainee thanks to his painstaking training efforts, though the training was extraordinarily rigorous and demanding. In the past college years, he has enthusiastically taken part in many students' societies, such as Computer Society, Road to American English and Literature Garden, etc, which has both seen his versatility and organizing ability by serving in quite a few positions.

Speaking of his organizing ability, I have to mention two well-known events under his active involvement and organization. One is the College Computer Festival of Hubei Province and the other is the Science and Culture Week of our school. In the first one, he was one of the chief representatives from our department to undertake this provincial level activity. His enthusiastic involvements in liaison, coordination and the contestants' performance evaluation had won him the honorable title of Active Organizing Participant specially granted by our department for this important occasion. In the second one of Science and Culture Week, organized in our school in 1999, he was a chief organizer. And it was so successful that it attracted more than one thousand students to participate, who were all satisfied with this event for the opportunity of a better understanding of the past and future of science in China.

As the Director, I am deeply impressed and moved by his capability of organizing and his sense of involvement, which have been explicitly demonstrated through all his participation in these activities

A bright young man, with blazing intelligence, energy, and determination, Mr. Wang deserves my first-rate recommendation. Thus, I would unqualifiedly recommend him for admission into the Ph. D. program at your university and I will appreciate your sincere assistance to his admission.

Sincerely yours,

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