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Difficult Interview Questions

Interview Questions Most Difficult to Answer

This is an exercise in "finding the right words" to answer questions you are likely to be asked in an interview setting. Please respond to the questions as you might answer them verbally.

1. What is your philosophy of education?

2. What if... had a child who was having difficulty learning a skill or concept? had a child who continued to "act up" in your classroom?

3. How would you help a parent handle separating from their child?

4. Define the role of the principal.

5. Describe in detail a lesson you have taught.

.....How did you asses children's learning?

6. Do you want students to like you?

7. Describe yourself using five adjectives.

8. How do you handle discipline in your classroom?

9. What are your strengths?

10.What are your weaknesses?

11. This job requires making home visits. How would you handle situations that you may confront that differ from your own personal experiences and values? How prepared are you to conduct home visits?

12. How might you approach a parent if you notice that their child may have some special needs that have not yet been addressed?

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