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Employment Cover Letter Construction

  1. Write your cover letter with these objectives in mind:
    • focus your attention on a specific job opportunity
    • direct the reader to specific skills you have for that job
    • clearly state why reader’s organization is of interest
    • get the reader to examine your resume
    • control the next communication with the reader
  1. Address the letter to a specific individual who has the decision-making

    authority to hire for the position you seek. Be sure you get the correct spelling of his/her name and title.

  2. Highlight your particular skills and how they can be successfully used in the

    reader’s organization—how you can fulfill their needs.

  3. Identify the reason you have chosen the reader’s organization to reinforce the

    idea that you are knowledgeable about the company.

  4. Diplomatically designate who should do what, when. "I will call you by April 12 to discuss potential alternatives."

     5.  Do all of the above in less than 200 words.

Follow-up Letter

1. Take the initiative to follow-up your interview with a letter.

2. Thank the interviewer for the interview opportunity and for being considered for   the job.

3. Restate your key strengths that relate directly to the position.

4. Tell him/her that you want the job.

A sample body of a cover letter is shown below:

Dear Ms. Adams:

George Samuels of Simantec recommended that I write you regarding the opening in your design department. He assures me that Starcraft is the company that best suits my talents in project management.

Starcraft's rapid increase in sales volume over the previous five years demonstrates the kind of growth that requires the high-level project management skills I can provide. The drafting and design program that I majored in at Mesa College does more than teach drafting. It also provides the latest in strategic planning methods. Both are of key importance to Starcraft, considering the Asian competitive pressure you are experiencing.

My drafting and design program at Mesa was supplemented by an internship assignment with Aranco Technology, a small design firm in Phoenix. Since it was a small shop, I had the benefit of assisting seasoned professionals at each development stage. Roberta Macon, the owner of the firm, provided a letter of recommendation, which I have taken the liberty to enclose with my resume.

Please examine my resume and call me anytime to arrange an interview at your location. My phone number is (602) 750-214. In any case, I will call you by April 2, to answer your initial questions.



Brenda J. Douglas

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