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Example of CV Template

Your Address

Contact Person
Employer's Name

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr. (Contact Person):

First Paragraph - Introduction (2 - 4 sentences)
Establishes the purpose of your letter, attracts attention and arouses interest.

  • State why you are writing by naming the specific position or longer career aspirations.
  • Tell how you heard about the position/employer and why you are interested in it.
  • Insert a brief sentence that gives your degree, major, college affiliation, graduation date.
  • Mention the name of your contact person, if applicable.

Second/Third Paragraph - Body (1 - 2 paragraphs, depending on background)
Generate interest with content by indicating how much employer research you have done and how your skills/background match the employer's needs.

  • Indicate how you can help the employer achieve organizational goals in your specialty. Focus on what you can do for them rather than why you want the position.
  • Highlight your most significant accomplishments, abilities, and experiences that are specifically relevant to the employer and job requirements.
  • Sell your credentials - your mission is to prove you should be invited to an interview. Make reference to enclosures.
  • Do not simply repeat your resume but point out important experiences and key assets - show some of this to demonstrate to the employer your more personal qualities which cannot be indicated on a resume.

Fourth Paragraph - Closing (4 sentences maximum)
State your commitment to action.

  • Take the initiative to make clear what happens next - you will be calling to arrange an appointment, and/or ask for additional information.
  • State your availability. Let them know if/when you will be in the area.
  • Do not indicate you will be waiting for the employer to contact you.
  • Thank the employer.


Very truly yours/Sincerely,

Your Signature

Your Name Typed


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