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ACT, SAT and PSAT Test Preparation

The admissions tests that are used by colleges and universities in their admissions process are the ACT, PSAT and SAT.

Scholastic Assessment Test

This test addresses the basic college preparatory skills of reading comprehension, mathematical ability, and verbal prowess.  Expect multiple choice questions in each of these areas. >> More

American College Test (Residual ACT)

The ACT is a multiple choice test, which measures the English, arithmetic, reading, and science reasoning abilities of a student. >> More

The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test


College Preparation

Step by step, you can help your child make informed decisions about his or her education, do well academically, learn about colleges, and find the best possible opportunities for a college education.

Following are two checklists that are designed to help you and your child, year by year, progress toward preparing for college -- both academically and financially. The first list speaks directly to your child, although he or she may need your help. The second list speaks directly to you.

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