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TOEFL Reading Comprehension

TOEFL Reading is not the same as GMAT Reading Comprehension. Some even find it a picnic in comparison. Three main reading skills are tested.

First, TOEFL Reading tests what specific facts are mentioned in the passage, as well as what is not mentioned. The typical format is the good old "One Best Answer". An effective strategy is to make a "road map" of the passage right away so that you can find the answers more efficiently. Certain skills such as skimming and scanning will help you more efficiently establish this map.

Second, they test you on what certain pronouns, like "its" or "their", refer to in specific parts of the text. You'll be asked to highlight the specific reference right in  the passage.

Finally, they'll ask what inferences can be made form certain information. This skill is usually tested by the "One Best Answer" format, although there is a strange permutation called "Insert a Sentence", in which you are given a new sentence and asked to click on the spot in the passage you think it will best fit. This one can be particularly challenging since it relies on favorite "road sign words" to give orientation.

Even though you can skip around the TOEFL Reading section, don't unless you've had a lot of practice. It's too easy to not notice that you've left something blank, leading to needlessly wasted points.

TOEFL Reading Comprehension

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