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TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language

This test is designed to measure understanding of spoken and written standard American English and to assess how well a student will function in a classroom where English is spoken. This test is designed for students whose best language is not English or who normally speak a language other than English at home or at work. The Listening and Structure are computer adaptive. The Reading section, on the other hand, is not adaptive. Every question is worth the same. Furthermore, you don't have to answer a question to be able to move on to the next, so you can skip around if you want. The Writing section can either be done by hand or typed into the computer using an American keyboard. To learn more about the TOEFL, please follow the links below.


toefl test prepFirst of all, you will learn basic information about what is TOEFL or Test of English as a foreign language, including Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression, and Reading Comprehension. how schools use TOEFL score to evaluate your candidacy, how to register TOEFLwhen to take TOEFL, and FAQs concerning TOEFL exam.

New TOEFLtoefl ibt

You can find the latest information and preparation techniques for the new TOEFL or TOEFL iBT (including Test Format and Test Location), and the TOEFL Score Table.


Furthermore, you will learn to best skills, tips to obtain highest possible score on TOEFL test. Specially, you will find how to tackle Listening Comprehension, TOEFL Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Essential TOEFL Words, and TWE (including TOEFL Essay Writing Skills and Free TOEFL Sample Essays).toefl score report

Testing Resource

In addition, we offer several practice tests (TOEFL Volume 2 Practice Tests) for your practices. You can download with absolutely no cost. >> TOEFL Exercises


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